Cut Flowers

Gerbera United

Gerbera United will be downsizing from 3 companies to 2 locations, namely the ones at the Knibbelweg 17a and the Bredeweg 36. This will not affect the total amount of space, because the location Bredeweg 36 will be expanding from 1.5 hectares to 4.2 hectares.
This means that Gerbera United will be growing gerberas on a total of 7.2 hectares.
At the location at Knibbelweg large-flowered gerberas and germinis are grown. At the location Bredeweg 36, Gerbera United will be specializing in germinis.

At both locations, the gerberas are grown under the E-Papillon 1000W luminaires.



As from March 2011 a second branch of Bredefleur Lelies, which belongs to the Evers family from Moerkapelle, is being built at the Oosterringweg in Luttelgeest. This new development includes a greenhouse complex of 40,000 m2 and business space of 3,500 m2.

Cogas Installatiegroep will be fitting all the installations for this project. E-Papillon 1000W luminaires will be fitted throughout this new development.


‘t Rozenbos

Kees van Wijk from Nieuwaal wanted to increase the light level in his greenhouse. The existing 750W system has been completely replaced by E-Papillon 1000W luminaires.kees van wijk

Van Rijn Roses

Karel and Dirk van Rijn have had a modern rose nursery of 3.5 ha built in De Kwakel for large-flowered white Avalanche roses. The growth lamp system was installed by Kandelaar Installatietechniek using E-Papillon 1000W luminaires.


Kwekerij de Wolvenhoek

In Gameren, Jan and Gijbert Kreling have built a completely new greenhouse for Chrysanthemums. The size of the greenhouse is 5.5 ha, with a growth light system of 150.1 µmol/m²s (11,500 lux). The growth light system is equipped with E-Papillon 1000W luminaires.